|TTrav|DDiary| Vacation Back in Canada, カナダで休み

Already 10 days since I got back from Canada. It was great to spend time with family and friends. Here are some photos of great friends that I had the great fortune of seeing this time, some of whom I've not seen for a loooooong time.

-->Bachir (labmate back in Quebec City) and family
-->Isabelle (wonderful journalist that I only met recently (from Actualite)) and family (including my new found love Malika...ONLY 24 years younger than me...JUST KIDDING!)
-->Cendrix (Laval University heavyweight drinking pal (shown in picture...drinking), now turned hot journalist/reporter on French CBC (lookin' good Cen!); an avid diver, too! Check out his new Diving Blog.)
-->Little sis Nyassa and big bro Adel (other elite friends from Laval U (elite 'cause they don't smoke, don't drink, AND they're both doctors!))
-->My kid brother and favorite Dave Matthews cover musician, playing at the Golden Pub (my bro's a chef, here's the link to his sushi catering business. Two licked thumbs up!)!

It sucks that I didn't get pictures of family (besides Shige) and Greg, my great buddy since I was 14 (who's pretty much family). I guess you don't feel the urge to take pictures when you're spending time at home with family. It's a different vibe. But you can check them out on the slideshow at the top of my BLOG!


-->弟のシゲ(ライブで俺の大好きなDave Matthews Bandの曲を弾いているとこ。上手いぞ!シゲはシェフで、寿司のケータリングをやっている。リンクはこちら。旨いぞ!)。


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