Busy, but fun. 忙しいけど、楽しい。

"Unless a man undertakes more than he possibly can do, he will never do all that he can."
---Henry Drummond---

"Why sleep now, when you can sleep ad libitum when you're dead?"

From the two famous quotes above (ha ha), you may have guessed that I am in a pretty busy stretch right now! From a scientific perspective, I'm writing up an article as we speak. As for the MBA, all the exams, homeworks, group works, etc. are making my head spin. To top it off, I got elected into the Student Council, so there's work, too. Lot's of fun though. And this weekend, I'll be volunteering as an interpretor (Japanese/English/Spanish/Chinese) at the International Karate Championships, at the Nippon Budokan. Exciting! And as for my band RaiA we went into the studio last Saturday to record a song, so this weekend will be the mixing part. We've got concerts lined up for the fall also.

And the BIGGEST NEWS of all!!!! I got a call from my great buddy Greg just before I went into the studio on Sat, telling me that his wife is PREGNANT!!!!!

"Félicitations champion! Ah que je suis content pour toi et Elsy!"

Funny thing. The song we went in to record is called "Beautiful life", and it's inspired by our bassman's 3 yr-old daughter. She's the cutest thing. See photo at the bottom. Maybe our song can be Greg's kid's song, too!

So my dear readers, please spread some sunshine, even if it's for someone you don't know, and write in a little nice comment for Greg and Elsy!

Well, all in all, if this is not living life to its fullest, it's pretty much the best I can do.



面白い事に、週末レコーディングした曲は"Beautiful Life"と言って、ベースマンの娘がインスピレーションなの。メチャメチャ可愛い子だよ。写真見てみん。みんなも是非祝福のコメントを入れてあげてください!日本語でも良いです!責任を持って、翻訳しておきま〜す。


Tetsu, Taka, Ah-chan


sugako said...

Greg and Elsy!!!

Tetsu said...

Translation of Comment from Sugako:

"Greg and Elsy!!!(I assume you got this part.) Congratulation of your pregnancy.(Well, only of Elsy.) My best wishes for a healthy baby!!!"