The world’s wealth、世界の富

Something fun that I found: Go to this site. Input your annual salary and you can find out which position you occupy in the list of the world’s richest people. Isn’t it fun? And, aren’t you pleasantly surprised at how rich you are with respect to the rest of the world population?

Well, according to a study by the World Institute for Development Economics Research of the UN University, North America, Europe, and Japan collectively hold almost 90 per cent of total world wealth. Here, wealth is defined as physical and financial assets minus debts. That means everything you have (money, house, car, clothes, computers, games, etc.) minus everything you owe (student loans, mortgages, and other debts).

According to this definition, the two most asset-rich countries are Japan and the United States, with average net worth of US$180,837 and US$143,867 per person, respectively. Wow. Japan is number one! Of course, as a Canadian, I was interested in the Canadian average, which was US$70,916. Wow again. Not bad, although it’s only about a third of that of Japan. But it’s astronomical compared to Ethiopia at US$193 and Congo at US$180, which were the two poorest countries. Not even US$200… That’s like one third the price of a PS3! Kids…be grateful.

Looking at the numbers from another perspective, having assets worth just above US$2,200 would put you into the top half of the world's wealth distribution. Since the computer and the peripherals that you are using right now to read this blog is in that range, you’re most likely in the top 50% of the world’s richest people.

Now, if you have assets totaling US$61,000, then you would be in the richest 10 per cent of the world population. That’s not even 2 years worth of salary for most people my age that I know. Hey, that’s within reach, right?

So what about the top 1 per cent? Well, apparently if you have US$500,000, then you can join the 37 million people who form this privileged group, which by the way, owns a whopping 40% of the total world wealth! Gees, am I in it? Nope. That is, I hope, “not yet”.

But let’s not get carried away and become greedy. We should be satisfied just knowing that we are in the top half of the world’s wealth distribution, because the bottom half has to fight for and survive on ONLY 1% of the world wealth! That’s a tough fight for life.

This Christmas, I hope we can all appreciate how fortunate we are, and make a sincere effort to “give” (money, blood, time, etc.). Perhaps you would like to start by clicking the donation buttons in the Links section of the sidebar. All you do is click, and 1 cent will be donated by large corporations to charities.


最近読んだものなんですが、国連大学のWorld Institute for Development Economics Researchの調査によると、北米、ヨーロッパ、そして日本だけで、世界のおよそ9割の財産を押さえている。この調査で「財産」として見ているものは、全資産から全負債をひいて、残ったものです。すなわち、所有しているものの全て(お金、家、車、衣服、パソコン、ゲーム、など)から借り(借金、 抵当、など)を取って、残ったもの。


この調査によって、他にもこの様な事が分かりました。 US$2,200以上の財産があれば、すでに世界人口の上位50%に入る。皆さんがこのブログを読む為に使っているパソコンとその周辺機器を足すとその領域に入りますよね。という事は、皆さんは既に世界の50%以上の人よりは裕福なのです。






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