Singing in the subway、地下鉄の中で合唱

When I went to Ecuador (a long time ago), I took a bus on a long trip from Quito to Esmeraldas with my buddy Greg. I remember we sat at the back of the bus where there were a couple of guys who brought guitars. So basically we just sang and partied with total strangers in a bus! That was so much fun.

Well, that was in Latino-America, where everyone is genetically predetermined to be jolly and sociable. But here's a clip of a wonderful group called Naturally 7 (don't know if they are pro's or not), who got the crowd going in a subway in Paris! As one guy pointed out in the comments, it would definitely be fun to see them in a jam-packed Japanese subway!


でも、ラテン人って、陽気遺伝子を持っているから、そんなんの幾らでもある話。今日はなんと、パリの地下鉄で同じ様なことをやった「Naturally 7」と言うグループのビデオを紹介する。プロなのか、アマなのかは分からないけど、あまりの上手さに、ガチガチのパリ人たちだって、ノリノリ!次はやっぱり、世界ガチガチ人間王国である日本の地下鉄でもやってもらいたいぜ!


satomi said...

I found N7's official web (from Germany! )

↑公式ウェブ見っけ。ドイツのプロのバンドだね! たまたま一番前になったおばさんがノリたいの我慢してるのが、かわいいです。

TETSU said...

ワオ。オモロい.やっぱり、プロバンドだったんだ.HPにはN7 in Japanのビデオもあったね.