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Ok, finally got my BLOG going. Of course, in order to reach the majority of my people, I'll write mostly in English and Japanese。

Thanks to my family and all those who supported me and got me this far in life, especially through 2005, I feel enough energy to take off in 2006. Thus, the purpose of this blog is to document the highlights that are coming up in my life. Hope you all can enjoy the flight with me.

Some good things that have already taken place in early 2006:
1-Great trip to Taiwan to finish 2005 in a great way, coming back strong for 2006.
2-Application for McGill MBA-Japan Program in great standings (including a good GMAT score and a great interview).
3-Great Chinese New Year's party with the Taiwanese Association.
4-Wonderful birthday weekend (Feb. 11), with lot's'a drinkin'! Thanks to all those who were at the Hub on Fri, in Yokohama on Sat, and in Omotesando on Sun! Two movies with Mom to wrap up the weekend.
5-Great McGill Alumni party at the Canadian Embassy.
6-We have a new bassman for my band (RaiA) and he's got a kick-ass groove!

Some good things that are already on the 2006 schedule:
1-An article for my project is in the works.
2-As a Quebecer working in Biotech in Japan, I will be interviewed in March by Isabelle Gregoire of L'Actualite, which is a major Francophone magazine in Quebec.
3-Results for our submission to the 10,000,000 Yen (~100,000$ CDN) contest at Gakken (big Japanese publisher)will come out in June. My team wrote about a futuristic house that is built with biological material (i.e., living tissues such as bones, skin, muscles, veins, etc.).
4- I'll probably start the McGill MBA-Japan Program in June. If I could find a sponsor for my studies, I'll be jumping in joy.
5-Two trips back to Canada and 1 trip to Colombia are on the agenda for the moment.
6-RaiA starts 2006 a bit late, with the first concert in April, but we'll definitely have many more!

So that's my first blog! What do ya think? Please do let me know by writing in your comments!



Annie Rouleau said...

Allo Testu,
I really enjoyed your site or "Blog"! Even after knowing your for 13 years I have learned stuff about you. I guess that when we see each other we are too busy having fun that we don't talk about the past. That's the spirit live the present this way you will always reach your goal.

We miss you in Ottawa,
Annie (Gustavo & Diego)

Annie Rouleau said...

Just a short comment:
Tell your brother that he should add his restaurant address to his web page... It certainly would help us to find the place when we will be in Montreal (if that's the city where he has his restaurant!)
I love sushi... I would love to pay him a visit!

Tetsu said...


Merci pour ton input!

13 YEARS?!?!?! ....don't remind me...

Mon frere fait du catering a partir de chez lui, donc il n'a pas vraiment un Resto.

I'll try my best to keep the news posted as they come. At least an entry per week.

Couple of things on the way: ski trip, interview for Actualite, acceptance letter from McGill MBA, RaiA's show in April, etc.

Tune in for Tetsu's excellent adventures!


rachael said...

you are funny


Jean Marc Rios Dionne said...

Hola Tetsu como estas
Me gusto mucho tu Blog, esta muy bien hecho. Me da mucho gusto oir que estes bien y que te a ido muy bien. Yo ya no vivo en Quebec haora vivo en Dinamarca Copenhagen y estoy empesando my MBA.
Bueno Tetsu te deso le mejor y estamas en contacto
Un abrazo muy fuerte

Jean Marc Rios Dionne

Tetsu said...

Guau J-M,

Muchas gracias por tu mensaje. Espero tambien que te encuentres en buena salud en Copenhagen!

Tu tambien un MBA!! Muy bien! Espero que algun dia nos entramos como partenarios!

He visto tu sitio y quise dejarte un mensaje tambien pero tu FORUM no esta abierto todavia, verdad?

Suerte amigo querido. Cuidate bien. Un abrazo fuerte.

MaoHang said...

hello my cousin

this is mao-hang...the youngest one in Taiwan
for that I don`t sure is your computer can shows chinese...
so...just try to understand my poor english...lol

it`s really glad to know you got a website and blog
that make us to keep contact more convenient...instead the msn you always offline...

and i also have two blogs
but both them shows in traditional chinese(u can leave mesagges in eng...)

so just give me a feedback let me know if you want get my blog`s URL

Tetsu said...