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After 2 months, I have not yet become a BLOG wizard...yet. But I am an information sponge, and I love to go out there to find and absorb all the stuff I read, in hopes of applying that knowledge to construct a more interesting, fun-to-read, and popular BLOG. So far, I have learned to use Technorati, coComment, ハテブ, Bloglines, del.icio.us, Haloscan, and other wonderful BLOG tools out there. But although I know how to run these applications intuitively, I don't know how much I can teach you about them. On the other hand, I can certainly lead you to some of the specialists that I know. Kind'a my way of thanking them for sharing their wisdom with me. And if they can't help you directly, they can surely refer you to other who can.

If you check out my side-bar, and like some of the functions/tools there, or if you're interested in popularizing your BLOG, here are some places where you might wanna begin (I'll update the list as it grows).

Highly knowledgeable Japanese BLOG wizard. Just check out his site and you'll know what I mean. Ataka-san is not just a full-blown BLOG specialist, but basically a cyber enthusiast. Also a big Google fan, apparently. So if you wanna know about any of those Google tools (calendar, map, chat, etc.), or any BLOG-related, internet-related subject, check him out. Oh, just a little thing: better brush up on your Japanese if you want to read his BLOG ...Ataka-san! English posts please! ;)... But hey, I'm sure he will answer any of your questions (even in English) as enthusiastically as he answered mine.

I'm putting in Amy's BLOG even though I've had no contact with her, yet. My decision is based on what I've read and what comments she has received from her readers. I think her philosophies are on the same wavelength as mine, so if you check out what she writes, you're kind'a reading my mind also. She's a conversational media consultant. So I was really interested in her ideas on how to turn a BLOG into a conversational hotspot. She was able to put some of my thoughts (and MUCH MUCH MORE) into coherent, concise, and easy to read texts. Check out her concept "Strategic Commenting"! Bravo.

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