|DDiary| Wonders of technology and associated problems

OK, this is too much. Last week my hard-drive crashed. Great. BUT, after spending numerous hours, I was able to recover my data. I backed everything up in my external hard-drive: my data, my personal files, e-mails, and even preferences. Then I made sure everything was there. I opened several files, worked with them...everything was in good shape. Next day, I made sure ONE MORE time that the files that I backed up were OK, and then, I reformatted my original hard-drive in hopes of being able to reset it. NOPE. I spent more than 4 hours reinstalling OS-X Tiger, only to see the wonderful ERROR message pop up at the end.

Let's move on. Got myself a brand new hard-drive. Faster. Bigger capacity. Intalled it. Beautiful. Now guess what? Can't find my backed-up files on my external hard-drive.... UNBELIEVABLE. I think there must be a F%&$'d up file in my back-ups that's causing all the trouble. Anywho, gonna get back to salvaging my data.... pray for me.


miyo said...


余談ですが、Cute Overloadおもしろいね。可愛い子がいっぱいいて目がハートに!!

Tetsu said...


Cute Overloadで気を取り直そう!面白いよね。FEEDもらっている?