|DDiary| Cute Photos, 可愛い写真



While trying to scan a lot of photos for my HP and my BLOG, I came across these two cute photos. The first one is my little niece (?? cousin's kid...is that a niece also?) and the dog, Ralph. The second one is a little girl called Valeria, who was the kid in the host family with whom I stayed when I went to Ecuador. Whenever someone was mad at her, she would always try to get away by kissing the person. It always worked with me. Ah...women...

Hey, there are many many more fun photos to come (e.g., baby Tetsu)! Stay tuned!

Just got a new picture of Valeria from Greg! Here it is, she's 17 now...


kyoko said...

すごーーい、彼女成長したね!大人っぽいし、素敵な写真だわ!!!光の加減が暖かくていいね。なんか、子供の成長状態で時間の流れを知るなんて、、、私も友達の子供がちゃんとした言葉をしゃべるまでに成長した姿を見て、最近ショックを受けたばかりよ。Have a nice vacation!!! Enjoy all the food and beer. Also warmth of your family and friends.

Tetsu said...