|MMemorable|NNews| Prize for [Biotecture]で受賞!

Sept. 30 last year marked the deadline for a 10-million yen (~US$85-90 000) essay competition hosted by Gakken. Basically we had to write a 5-page composition on a "futuristic invention". So I teamed up with another fellow biologist Muracchi and one of his friends Okkie, who is studying architecture. Our idea: Biotecture. Yep, that's right, Biological Architecture. We illustrated the concept by describing a house with a frame made of bones, sitting on roots, strengthened with muscles, covered with skin, powered by chloroplasts (using photosynthesis), protected with an immune system, etc. It literally is a "living" house, i.e., it grows, is customizable, and is self-maintaining. This house can be easily and economically order-made and later renovated to your likings, protect you and your family in ways no modern houses can, and provide an ultra-comfortable living environment (even allergen-free!). I had trouble linking it, so please download our essay by typing the following URL into your browser --> http://www.geocities.jp/musico11jp/TheLivingHouse.pdf ... Sorry, it's only in Japanese (I wrote the first draft in English but so much had been changed that I'll simply put the Japanese version here. Maybe one day I'll retranslate it back to English.). If you can read it, please write in some comments to this post!

Oh yes, of course, you want to know the results right? Well, it finally came out the other day, after 9 months. ....and NO, we didn't win the 10-million yen first prize. BUT WE DID GET A 30 000 YEN (~US$250) PRIZE !! Hey, we're still very happy because it was a nationwide competition, so we were chosen among applicants from ALL of Japan!

賞金一千万円狙いで、去年の9月30日、 僕は研究室の後輩のムラッチと、彼の友人で建築の勉強をしているオッキーと一緒にチームを組んで学研科学大賞に作品を出しました。テーマは「未来の発明」で、我々のアイディアは「Biotecture」。はい、その通りです、Biological Architecture、すなわち「生物建築」です。「生きている家」という例を用いて、このコンセプトを説明した。簡単に言うと、この家の壁や他の骨格構造は骨でできていて、さらに筋肉によって強化されていて、そしてその上から全面的に皮膚に覆われている。エネルギーは家の下に生えている根から抽出される上、光さえ浴びれば、皮膚に含まれている葉緑素によっても合成される。さらに、この家には強力な免疫システムまで組み込まれているなど、まさに「生きている」家なのです。この家は超快適な生活空間(アレルゲンフリー!)を提供してくれるだけでなく、自由自在に増改築もできるし、現在の家では考えられない生物学的手法であなたとあなたの家族を守ってくれる。まあ、話すと長いから、http://www.geocities.jp/musico11jp/TheLivingHouse.pdf論文をアップしてあるので、読んでちょ!ちょっとリンクが上手く行かないため、URLをブラウザーに入れて落としてください。ぜひ皆さんのご感想を、下の「comment」というとこをクリックして書き込んでください。。。よろしくお願いします。



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Cool idea. Wonder will it work in Tropical countries... Keep it up.. Who knows what will happen next.

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I like it! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site with us.