|PProf|DDiary| First classes,授業の初日

McGill MBA Japan Program. First classes this past weekend. Despite having slept only a total of 11-12 hours from Thurs night to Sun (WITHOUT WATCHING THE WORLD CUP!!), I must say that I am very pleased with my experience. Statistics, which we have been told is a MONSTROUS course, went by pretty smoothly. I know, I know, the worst is probably on its way, but I'm just glad that I'm already done with 25% of the lectures (since we only have 8 lectures in total). The other course, Organizational Behavior, is a BLAST! This course is not only highly informative, but is also a LOT OF FUN. There are many simulations and class discussions and the subjects are just FASCINATING.

Both professors are amazing! And best of all, we have a highly dynamic group, and I think we're gonna bond pretty well.




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