Greg's birthday

So another year has gone by and it's a second birthday post for my buddy Greg! Appy Bird-day Greg! Every year I get ahead in February, and he always catches up with me in October. Well, this year is a little special as it is his first birthday as Dad of twins! You're way ahead here man! ...as I haven't even gotten to the starting line!

Lately, Greg's finally started to explore the cyberspace more and have recently uploaded a couple of videos of himself playing the guitar. Great stuff! Check it out!

Here's Greg playing Horizons (very old Genesis). Some of you who've heard me play it know that Greg's got it down much better! Damn!

And here's Greg playing Bach. This piece was originally written for the harpsicord but Greg plays it marvelously on the classical guitar.

So, from the above, we can safely draw the conclusion that having twins is a piece of cake, since Greg's got all the time in the world to practice guitar to such levels! Ha ha ha. Or alternatively, maybe his wife's doing all the work! Want proof? Look at Elsy sweeping in the video of Greg playing Horizons (around 1min 25sec)!

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