Gifts from friends、友達からのプレゼント

I told you about my 3-week intensive program this summer. Not only did I learn a lot, but I also made great friends. Two of them gave me little gifts of friendship before I left. Friend A gave me the beautiful flute and Z gave me the nice McGill pen. It really touched me and so I just wanted to let my readers know... that to be my friend, you gotta give me gifts! Ha ha ha... just kidding. But I do want people to know that I truly appreciate it when people do things for me in life, big or small.

Thanks guys. Ain't I lucky to have friends from A to Z!
(by the way, guess how A looks without the wig (...yeah that's right, like a skinny George Clooney), and guess what Z drew (... no, it's not someone's buttocks...))




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