Songs from my band RaiA、俺のバンドRaiAの曲

Here are 3 songs from my last gig. Comments welcome!
Not fair that nobody can see me, cuz the drummer's always in the back!!


Set Fire To My Heart

Don't Say Good-bye

Ring Hero


Pritya said...

Hey Tetsu, thanks for the chat! I've listened to your songs...hmm, I'm not really into J-rock, but the Ring Hero is nice! So two thumbs up (plus two toes) for Tetsu, who is an MBA and a scientist, and a drummer as well! You're so cool! Take care and keep in touch... keep on showing off your language abilities on TVs! ;-P

TETSU said...

No, THANK YOU for the nice chat. And wow, nice blog! Who's Alex Huang?!? Nice handle name.

Do come back and visit often.

Best of luck to you. Although I know that ur 99% talent and hard work, 1% luck.