Language-associated personality、言葉によって変わる人格

A Japanese friend once told me that she feels like a different person when she speaks English. I totally agreed with her! I guess that in order to speak a language well, it helps if you think in that language and incorporate the culture. At the same time, you probably take on a different personality accordingly.

Then recently, I found this post on my friend David's site. It talks about personality shifts as you speak different languages. Here's the original Reuters article that he referred to. The guy in the video below (also seen on David's site) seems to have multiple personalities!

Any thoughts?





david said...

The guy who fakes speaking several languages may have multiple personalities, but he's quite talented with language. His faked Chinese is hilarious.

TETSU said...

yeah...indeed. his accent for most of his fake languages are all pretty hilarious!

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