Humor from around the world、世界中のユーモア

I recently found an interesting blog of a Japanese guy doing his MBA in Boston. He often talks about his experiences and cultural observations in the US and I find it quite amusing. Today he talked about how the perception of humor is different depending on the culture. As an illustration, he used a joke that could easily be translated into Japanese, but he found it to be funny only in English but not in Japanese. I found the joke to be very funny but I completely understand his point of view. In response to his joke, I also left one of my own as a comment. Again, I think it's only funny in English but not in Japanese.

I love all types of humor. Besides Japanese (example "Sanma" and "Shimada Shinsuke") and American humor (example "the Simpsons"), dark British humor (often relating to "social status"), cruel French humor (often relating to "dumbness"), and more direct and light Latin humor (often relating to "sex"), are all very funny. For typical British humor I recommend "Monty Python" and "Fawlty Towers", for French I recommend "Le Diner de Cons" (this is absolutely hilarious), and for Latin...well, just watch Univision (in the US) and you'll know what I'm talking about. I find myself very fortunate to be able to enjoy humor from many cultures.

Tell me about what you like! Movies, programs, comedians, etc.!


しかしお笑いは良いですよね。日本の「さんま」や「紳助」も、アメリカの「シンプソンズ」も本当に面白いけど、よくソシャルクラスをネタにするクロいブリティッシュ・ユーモア、バカをネタにする残酷なフレンチ・ユーモア、そしてちょっと日本っぽいし、セックスをよくネタにする軽いラテン・ユーモアもみんな楽しいね!ブリティッシュ・ユーモアで代表的なのは「Monty Python」と「Fawlty Towers」、フレンチの方でめちゃめちゃ面白いのは「Le Diner de Cons」、そしてラテン系だと。。。そうだね、アメリカのUnivisionと言うチャンネルをみれば分かると思います。いや〜、色んな国の色んなジャンルのユーモアを楽しめるって、幸せな僕ちん。


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