Drum like Thomas Lang、トーマス・ラングみたいなドラマーになりたい

Today, I'll pull out some clips that I saw on YouTube some time ago of an Austrian drummer called Thomas Lang. This drummer is simply INSANE! I've seen him live once at the Montreal Drum Festival and lemme tell ya, of the gazillion amazing drummers I've seen in my life, he won't be one that I will forget.

You will see many displays of his rock solid groove and incomprehensible chops throughout the videos. In the middle of the first clip you will see that he doesn't use his hands but you still hear rapid high notes playing. That's his left foot!! Then he puts on some wicked licks over that left foot ostinato (repeated phrase). In the second clip you see him warming up... In the third and fourth clips, you see him doing crazy stuff using only sticks. The other two in the videos, Johnny Rabb and Marco Minnemann, are also amazing drummers that I've seen at the Montreal Drumfest. I've actually met Johnny, who taught me his famous single-handed roll at KOSA, a wonderful drum camp that I went to some time ago. Thanks Johnny!

(You may find that the videos are a little slow on my blog. In that case, you can double click on the videos and see them directly on YouTube.)




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