Blog Post in Chinese,用中文寫部落格、今日は中国語も

My chat with Steve Kaufmann and my post on my language acquisition techniques have spurred quite some activity on my blog since a few months back... and it continues! Thanks to those posts I was able to make many new friends. You can find many of their links in the side bar on the left, toward the bottom. In particular, I was contacted by David, who started a truly unique type of social network called Kantalk. It's a virtual, international, multicultural, multilingual party! I urge you to take a visit. From there, a fella from Taiwan called Ping dug me out, and now he's got two blog posts (first one and second one) featuring my chat with Steve! Thanks Ping!

And this encounter with Ping made me think that perhaps I should write in Chinese every so often also right? I am half Taiwanese after all, Dad's side. Anyways, so here goes.

兩、三個禮拜以前有一個台灣人叫Ping在Kantalk上找到我。然後上個禮拜我碰巧發現他在他的部落格上面介紹我跟Steve Kaufmann的對話(之一之二)。謝謝你Ping!


其實我剛到日本的時候也是面對了同樣的問題。那個時候我還只有用過英文跟法文的鍵盤。所以我發現「を(wo)」和「お(o)」、「づ(du)」和「ず (zu)」,或是「う」的用法,等等的時候,我很感動。原來有這樣的差別。不過日文的差別比中文的簡單多了!拼音真是要命。就是搞不懂。對我來說〔是shi〕聽起來樣〔西xi〕,那用英文的想法的話〔xi〕又完全不是中文的發音。最可怕的是用〔q〕的字。還好我朋友教我〔且〕是〔qie〕。要不然我永遠找不到。

哇塞。我花了快3個小時寫我的部落格了!問題是我必須要一個字一個字寫,沒辦法連寫。我覺得很奇怪。是不是因為我用Mac?可是我的朋友用簡體字就可以連寫。而且他也是Mac。誰啊,教我一下吧。拜托拜托。m(_ _)m


俺はKantalkという言葉のソーシャルネットワークに参加しているんだけど、二、三週間前にPingと言う台湾人とリンクした。そしたら、先週かな、彼が維持している2つのブログで俺とSteve Kaufmannの対談が紹介されてた(その一その二)!ありがとうよ、Ping君。んでもって、今日はちょっと中国語で書こうかなと思ったら、打ち出すのに一苦労。最初に日本に来た時も同じ壁にぶつかったんだけど、これはまた一段とレベルアップかな?当初、「を」と「お」、「う」と「お」、「づ」と「ず」、などの使い分け方、打ち出し方の違いでメチャメチャ苦労したよ。でも、中国語の打ち出しは、実際の発音とほど遠い綴りをするので、見つけるのに大変。まあ、中国語は発音が複雑だから仕方がないけどね。でも、更なる難関は、日本語みたいに、パソコンが勝手に単語によって漢字を推薦してくれるのではなく、漢字を一個一個書き出さなければならない。だから、その漢字が分からないと、やっかい。でも、多分ソフトの問題だと思うんだけど。。。誰か教えてくんない?まあ、頑張ろう。中国語の文章を磨くのは絶対にそんはしないでしょう。


Ping said...

Hey Tetsu!

Actually, I have been subscribing your RSS feed for a long time. It was astonishing to see your latest post written in Chinese after I just came back from school and checked email inbox seeing the message you left in my Plungoo. Therefore I entered and found this special post..about me:)

I simply wanted to check whether the id Tetsu in Kantalk is you...oh my, it really is!

Yeah, your exhilarating talk with Steve is always a successful evidence to attract people's attraction in terms of the incredible fluency and variety. I failed to tell people the importance and necessity of the interest-based learning no less than 100 times...but I only have to show them this post in your blog, everyone are aroused to ask more about Steve, you, and this kind of learning style. That is a fantastic opener! Thanks, Tetsu!

I have ever thinked of composing a post about you in the section of "實驗室優等生", but I can only understand Chinese and English...my Japanese is too poor to understand the content:P I look forward to have a chat with you either in Chinese or English so that this may be recorded as a great episode for people who are also interested in interest-based language learning.

My blog in yam have moved to Blogger for a few weeks, and this one in Blogger would be my long-term space to share non-linguistic language learning.

Good job! If it didn't waste too much of your time typing Chinese, the posts in Chinese were the more the better.

TETSU said...

Thanks Ping for your kind words!

Wow, I didn't know that u've been following my RSS for a while! I thought you found my blog through Kantalk!

Anyways, glad to know that people appreciate what I write.

David, the founder of Kantalk, has been wanting to chat with me since Feb. or Mar. I think I wanna do that soon. Maybe we can get a big party on-line in multiple languages!

換個話題。我到現在還沒有辦法連打繁體字。你知不知道有沒有能夠在我的Mac OSX上連寫的需體?


Lingual Bee said...

Hey Tetsu,

I've been reading your blog since we spoke the first time. Only wish you had written more often! Great to hear how you and Ping connected through Kantalk, and your blog in Chinese is just amazing.

iang said...

HI tetsu !

I'm Mac user too :-) Maybe you can try this inputmanager.


After installing through, will find many such as japanese, chinese(繁), chinese(簡)... etc


Ping said...



TETSU said...

Hey Thanx Iang!

我把Openvanilla安裝好了!比OS X的好用!


Thanks for the compliment.

I'm thinkin' we can have a multilingual chat on Kantalk one of these days?!?

怎麼樣?what do u think?


TETSU said...

ho ho ho Ping

thanx for the info.


c u!