Mother's Day Present、母の日のプレゼント

Hey it's mother's day! Happy mother's day mom! Thanks for everything.

My mother often complains about how she can't sleep. So when I read about this "sleep machine" shown above, I thought if this thing existed commercially, it would've been the best mother's day present. It basically stimulates the brain with magnetic pulses, which somehow triggers slow waves typical of deep sleep. Gees, wonder if it's dangerous...

My dad on the other hand, can sleep anywhere, anytime, under any conditions, instantaneously. And I'm glad I got his genes! So falling asleep is also not an issue for me; it usually takes under 3 min. But a big problem is getting up in the morning!! It's the hardest freakin' thing on earth, and I've gotta do it every single day...such is God's humour.

So, to assist me in my daily hardships, I think I should definitely buy the "Clocky", which is an alarm clock that runs away from you when it goes off! Check it out in the video below!

Any other suggestion for getting me up in the morning folks? What's that? "Sleep more" you say?... eh... I don't think so. Read my philosophy here and you'll know why.







Anonymous said...
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Miki said...

That's so funny! I guess it would be effective if you didn't take a hammer to it first.