The last month and a half、ここ一ヶ月半

Yup, I’ve broken the record for the longest stretch without renewing my blog. One and a half month. And the whole month of July without a post. I’m sorry.

Right now I am in Newark with my parents. I’ll be catching a flight from NY JFK in two days so my parents drove me down here. We’ll visit Ground Zero and the Statue of Liberty tomorrow.

I just finished a painful but extremely rewarding intensive MBA program (3 courses in 3 weeks) at the McGill main campus in Montreal. I’ve not only learned a lot, but also made many many friends. What a great program! Do check out the McGill MBA Japan Experience Blog in a few days as I will make a little post there for that wonderful experience.

Yes, of course I also played a round of golf! With Greg. And I was definitely very happy to see his twins for the first time, too!

Now I gotta get ready to go back to reality. Tokyo, see you soon.

やっちゃいました。「ブログほったらかし記録」を見事に更新。一ヶ月半。七月丸飛ばし。すみません。m(_ _;)m





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Lingual Bee said...

Congratulations, Tetsu! Now, you got your degree, welcome to the MBA world (Man Becomes Ape, that is). Good luck to your new career.