Jogging, ジョギング

Going back to Canada in July was great. Had a lot of fun seeing family and friends, doing the MBA program, and EATING. Big problem. I'm not the biggest guy around, but I got my little tire that I've always wanted to get rid of. Well, going back home only pumped more air (or grease) into my tire and I've had it. Must get it off! So I figured I could jog. Well, a few weeks ago, following my buddy T's advice, I got myself a Suunto Running Pack, featuring the 3 things you see in the picture. The watch (which I needed anyways) is a little computer that takes info from the heart-rate monitor belt and the foot pod. I get to see heart-rates, calories burned, distances, time, and speed.

With it, I have now successfully shed about 7 lbs since I got back (although I'm not too sure whether that's actually from the jogging or simply the effect of lower calorie intake in the absence of mom). Anyways, a very impressive little kit. ...but so was the price. Hopefully it'll motivate me to keep at it.



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